Located in the heart of London’s Mayfair, Kanishka is the brainchild of Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar and focuses on the unexplored cuisine from the so called ‘Sister States’ of India. The restaurant serves modern interpretations of traditional dishes within an eclectic interior that blends mid-century style and a classic London vibe with a dash of the exotic.

The Brief

To boost the greenery in the restaurant, bringing an element of nature and the outdoors to what is a highly decorative interior. We were also asked to create extra impact in one dining room by installing a green ceiling.

Scope of Project

The most challenging aspect of this project was the installation of a green ceiling in the downstairs dining room, which was complicated due to the shape and style of the room, as well as the existing ceiling lights. We successfully installed this using a lightweight trellis to suspend the plants, which included a mixture of trailing ivy and delicate, fronded ferns to create intimacy and a terrace-style feel to the room. Throughout the restaurant we also supplied potted plants of various sizes and styles, all in terracotta pots which give a nod to the restaurant’s ethnicity and bring an earthy feel to what is otherwise a fairly decadent design scheme. The project was completed in just one day, which was essential to avoid any unnecessary disruption for the business.