Indoor Plants As Design Accessories?!

Indoor Plants As Design Accessories?!

Indoor plants have the ability to transform the room in any environment. There is a plant for any interior location provided there is some form of natural light they can access.

Choice of plant can vary depending on a person’s independent preferences, however there will be some plants that do complement certain contemporary design schemes and others that suit more traditional designs. A majority of interior plants, specifically palms, will suit almost every setting.

When you are selecting plants for your home, there are some factors to consider regarding:


The environment and location where your plant is placed will be one of the most important factors that will affect its health and longevity. Plants should never be placed too close to radiators and should avoid cold drafts. Most house plants will be tolerant of quite a wide range of light levels although many won’t like direct sunlight. Plants that are good for direct sunlight are Beaucarnea and Yucca, those that do well in poorly lit areas are Philodendron, Blechnum and Epipremnum but there are many more.

Growth rate

Indoor plants will usually possess a relatively slow growth rate. If you do select a fast growing plant, ensure to give it enough room to do so.

Pots and containers

There is a high number of people who prefer to hide the plant’s plastic pot inside a container. Consideration should be taken when thinking about the size, shape, colour and proportions of the container relative to the plant and the room it is going to be placed in; the correct container can certainly make a difference.

Grouping plants

House plants, particularly garden plants, can look spectacular when grouped together in synergy. Consider the plant colours, size and forms and how they would complement one another. When the same species of house plants are grouped together geometrically, this can be especially effective with contemporary interior designs.

Interior setting

Liven up a plain wall by placing a couple of potted house plants along a shelf. Architectural plant species such as dracaena would be the most effective.

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