How Plants Can Help Mental Health

How Plants Can Help Mental Health Over the past few years, huge strides have been made in the recognition of an employer's responsibility to care for their team's well-being and mental health.  While things are by no means perfect, improvements have been made, and there is far more recognition of the importance of an empathetic approach to issues that may be affecting staff.
World Mental Health Day
Today, on World Mental Health Day we're taking a quick look at some of the stats around mental health in the workplace and then the impact that plants can have on helping staff overcome and perform better. The Importance of Mental Health and Wellbeing to a business A study by Mind in partnership with Deloitte found that in 2014 a staggering 95% of people who have had to take time off due to workplace stress did not feel able to give their employer the real reason, and as the Time to Change Public Attitudes survey indicated in 2014, 49% of people still feel uncomfortable talking to an employer about their mental health.   What's more, a survey by the NHS found that 1 in 6 people surveyed had suffered from a mental health problem in the week prior to the survey. This disconnect between what is a common health issue and the recognition of it causes serious problems.  In fact, the economic and social impact of it on just England alone is estimated to be costing us £105 billion a year! Thankfully, improvements in the recognition of the importance of caring for all aspects of employee health are underway, and employers are now taking a more proactive approach to well-being in the workplace.
Can Plants Help?
And plants are proven to have a positive impact on mental health within the workplace.  Did you know that office plants have been shown to have a positive impact on employee satisfaction, happiness, mood, and stress reduction?  A great article by the RHS can be found here.  Studies have also found that humans feel energised and experience increased vigour and vitality when in areas with planting in.
What Can I Do?
For the low cost of installing planting into their offices and workspaces companies can quickly and easily make a proactive step towards a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.  If you'd like to receive a proposal and advice from one of our consultants, please get in touch.