Hotel Plants - 3 quick reasons how they help

Hotel Plants - 3 quick reasons how they help Following on from our articles on the benefits of plants for offices and restaurant planting, here are three reasons why hotel plants are an invaluable component for creating a strong customer experience.  
3 benefits of hotel plants:
Happier Guests Plants increase the oxygen levels in the air, help regulate humidity, and remove toxins. This is how hotel plants help create a pleasant and visually impressive environment that your guests walk into, a fresh relaxing space away from the hustle and bustle of dirty airports, trains, and cities. Returning Customers Happy customers are returning customers. Hotel plants help create an environment that your guests want to return to, giving your hotel valuable repeat business, positive reviews,  and ongoing custom for your hotel. A seasonal change of planting can also help create a ‘new’ space, so that there is a refreshed feel about it when they come back. Improved Design It sounds simple, and it is.  Hotel plants can have a massive impact on the overall design of the hotel, from indoor plants, to terrace planting, to window boxes – plants help to create an enticing, appealing hotel. Changing the planting every season or once a year can help keep the design up to date with the latest planting trends.   We work throughout the UK and Ireland.  Our clients include industry leaders such as The Dunloe in Ireland right through the spectrum to small independents in market towns, and our products include everything from huge trees to tiny succulents.  If you're working on a hotel design and need help with planting then get in touch, we're always ready to give support and advice.