Biophilia - A green solution to increasing profits!

Biophilia - A green solution to increasing profits! Help sometimes comes from unlikely places, and plants might seem the last thing you’d turn to to help increase your revenues and profitability.  But studies have shown that including planting in your restaurant or hotel design can indeed help your business make more money! It comes down to a concept called Biophilia.  In layman’s terms Biophilia simply means facilitating human’s innate desire to be closer to nature.  It harks back to when mankind lived very close to nature, and the connection that formed over thousands of years hasn’t been extinguished by the developments and movement into cities that have occurred over the past two millennia. So, how to maximise your profits by leveraging the Biophilia effect.  Thankfully it isn’t rocket science.  Installing wall murals with natural scenes, plants or green walls, water features, and natural materials will all help in recreating the natural environment that we subconsciously crave.  The closer the connection, the happier and more satisfied people will be. And this enjoyment of a location, be it a restaurant or hotel, rubs off on their willingness to both stay longer and spend money!  Studies have shown that when people feel more relaxed and positive in their mind-set they will spend up to 12% more on the same products in an area that included planting!  And likewise, when happy they will stay longer, and are more likely to recommend it to others.  To put this into figures, it’s been shown that guests will pay up to 35% more for rooms that include Biophilic elements such as planting! It’s simple, especially with products like plants that can be installed at any stage in a buildings lifecycle and can be moved around or tweaked according to changing needs within a space.  For instance, wheeled planters make moving large plants around a room a simple, easy to accomplish task. This all adds up to increased profitability for restaurants and hotels that integrate Biophilic features within their building.  A simple, easy to integrate solution to a question everyone asks! If you’re wondering how to source specialist planters and design features such as moss walls, large trees  or barrier planting then give us a call... We have access to huge ranges of planters and plants, and can not only supply and install these for you, but if you need ongoing care for your planting, we also do this.