Green Ceilings - taking plants to a whole new level!

Green Ceilings - taking plants to a whole new level! Green ceilings are a new development, a trend that is just starting to emerge in the interior design field.  We've been involved in several projects that have used replica planting at high level, and they've all looked amazing! A key area of green ceilings is in restaurants.  Here, with the battle for getting as many covers in while leaving room for customers and staff to flow smoothly space really is at a premium.  At the same time, it's vital that customers want to visit, that they enjoy being in the space, that they recommend it to their friends and connections, and that they return time and again.  That's why designers are increasingly looking at other ways of incorporating planting into their designs. We've been fitting green walls and moss panels into schemes for a number of years, but the transition to maximising the use of the space above the diners for planting is a new idea!  Green ceilings are created using replica plants and a variety of suspension systems dependent on the space and the requirements of the client. The use of artificial planting enables a huge amount of flexibility, as firstly there are no requirements for water, light, and a growing container which normally define what planting can or can't be used and where it can be placed, and secondly, there is a huge variety of replica planting available to use.  Whether you're looking for a tropical theme, a Scandi type look with Pine fronds, a jungle look, or a huge floral display, it's all viable with a replica green ceiling! Interested in finding out more?  Working on a project and want to discuss how to integrate planting at high level?  Just get in touch!