Our Greatest Hits - the top 10 plants for offices

Our Greatest Hits - the top 10 plants for offices There's a lot of lists out there of great plants for your house, bathroom, study, or kitchen.  However, i thought it was time we put together our entrants for the office plants Hall of Fame. Perhaps the key difference between what constitutes a great plant for your kitchen and what makes a great plant for your offices is the scale.  With a lot more room to play with in large commercial spaces there is a lot more scope to bring in architectural, large plants.   So, here goes...
  1.  Ficus Microcarpa compact.  These trees are amazing.  They have the form and technical beauty of bonzai, but can be grown up to far larger sizes.  Just make sure they get plenty of light and water or you'll find they drop a lot of leaves.
  2.  Dracaena Janet Craig.  This plant is what you want if you need something that'll work in low light conditions.  It's got a lot of impact, and does well in the hot, dry environment that modern offices often are.
  3. Kentia Palm.  If tropical palms and dreams of sun and sand are your thing then the Kentia palm will help your daydreams.  With it's long fronds and beautiful form it'll bring a touch of the tropics to your office.
  4. Aglaonema Maria.  Perhaps just a personal favourite, but these small plants are tough, and used in mono-planted blocks will have huge impact and give a very modern feel to your office.
  5. Croton Petra.  If you're needing some colour then the Croton is a great plant.  With enough light this will remain a colourful, vibrant plant.  Just make sure it gets enough water.  It'll droop and drop its leaves as soon as it starts to dry out.
  6. Dracaena Lemon and Lime.  This is flash cousin of the Janet Craig.  With its distinctive colours it'll bring some flair to the office, however this plant isn't quite as tough and will need a bit more TLC to keep it looking its best.
  7. Ficus Lyrata.  This is a classic.  Since it's early popularity in the days when plants in offices were first used it has remained a popular plant.  LAst year saw it explode to fame and become the go-to plant for designers wanting to create a planting scheme with impact and style.  It may be old, but it's still got what it takes.
  8. Euphorbia Tirucalii.  Succulents are the big thing at the moment, and for those wanting a plant that meets modern design themes, but also has the height and bulk to stand out in an office this Euphorbia will be a strong contender.  Best of all, it's tough and will survive well in an office.
  9. Ficus Benjamina Exotica.  This is an old favourite, and with its flexibility and huge visual impact it's a great plant for prestigious schemes.  Available in a wide range of shapes and trunk styles it's brings style and substance to office planting schemes.
  10. Monstera Deliciosa.  This is the famed Cheese-plant of 70's fame.  While it's been used in planting schemes for a long time, it's combination of large, glossy leaves, toughness, and unusual shape still make it a popular plant in offices.
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