Gluco RX

Gluco RX

GlucoRx is the UK’s largest supplier of innovative management solutions for diabetics. The company engaged Rhino Interiors to refurbish their offices in order to provide an inspiring environment for employees, including health-boosting biophilic elements.


Gluco wanted to create a fresh and healthful environment for its employees and opted for a bright white scheme throughout their office interior. Plant Plan worked with Rhino and Gluco to provide to provide a contemporary style planting installation in the office to soften the overall look, and screen off the coffee lounge for additional privacy.

Scope of work

We used replica plants to create a green wall installation as a focal point for this open plan office, which helped to create an outdoors feel with virtually no maintenance required. We added to the scheme with floor standing troughs filled with replica ferns to act as room dividers, and cabinet top planters using replica Sansevieria Laurentii, Zamioculcas, and Aglaonema. All troughs and wall panels were made bespoke to perfectly fit the available spaces. The look was completed with the addition of smaller pots of mixed replica succulents to adorn desks and shelves.