Focus On: Large Trees

Focus On: Large Trees If you want to make a statement, then this is the way to do it. At Plant Plan we've been providing large trees and plants for 40 years. We know how to create eye catching environments that will translate your visitors into another world. Check out this one we just completed for Circle Health in Nottingham!

Interested in creating massive impact?  Selecting mature specimen trees will instantly transform your building.  Natural works of art, and often many years old, these trees require professional care to keep them in top top condition and looking their best.  Its always worth remembering that the low humidity and lower light levels of most commercial indoor environments are a far cry from their natural habitat, so it pays to protect your investment by using the services of a trained maintenance technician.

Large Trees In Interior Design

Here are some trees to ask for:

Ficus trees evoke thoughts of the jungle:

  • Ficus Lyrata: broad, lyre-shaped foliage
  • Ficus Maclellandii: warm brown bark and semi-pendant lance-shaped leaves
  • Ficus Amstel King: bright, lush foliage
  • Ficus Alii: sharper crown with long, slender leaves

Palm trees transport you to a tropical scene:

  • Kentia: can work well with contemporary indoor-outdoor aesthetics
  • Chinese Rhapis Multifida: aka the “finger palm”
  • Rhapis Humilis: aka the “slender lady palm”

But then there are the new upstarts:

  • Schefflera Actinophylla: aka the “octopus tree” has shiny apple-green foliage
  • Afrocarpus Gracilior: aka the “fern pine” is a graceful, delicate evergreen tree

Don’t overlook the powerful role that plants and trees play in your space. Whatever your preference – subtle, soft, grandstanding, proud – horticultural elements remain an important part of a business’s interior design.

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