Flower Walls for Restaurants

Flower Walls for Restaurants If you've even so much as dared to peek out from under the covers recently you'll have noticed the booming growth of Instagram - it's now got 1 billion monthly active users, and it's growing.  In terms of overall engagement it's only 2nd to Facebook! Does this have any connection to flower walls?  Yes, definitely!  Savvy business owners and marketing teams have recognised the need for their business to seen on social media in a positive light, and in the case of restaurants this is driven by great food that's well presented, and a site that looks amazing and has features that people want to share with their friends and followers. That's why a number of restaurants, from Zouk in Manchester to Bocca Social in London have used us to install amazing feature flower walls in their restaurants!  Creating Insta-friendly locations, that give customers every reason to share pictures and feedback on their experience there helps to drive growth and engagement among their customers base, leading to greater success for the company! Flower walls can be fitted both internally and externally, and there's massive scope for customisation, from colours used to incorporating logos and signage. Want to find out more?  Get in touch - [email protected] / 0800 279 3120.