Bring Autumn indoors with Crotons

Bring Autumn indoors with Crotons If you want to bring a seasonal splash of colour into your office there is no better plant for Autumn than the Croton.  Its vivid oranges, pinks, reds, yellows and greens really do help bring the outside in. Originally from Indonesia they survive well in the warm conditions found indoors. However, there are a few basic points that should be noted when choosing this plant.  As is normal with plants with coloured or variegated leaves they will require a lot of light to keep them healthy.  Too little and they'll start to drop leaves.  As well as this they require careful watering to bring out the best in them.  Get them too wet or too dry and they'll wilt and drop leaves.  Once the plant is established in a suitable location though they're a long lasting and vibrant addition to any office. Available in 3 main varieties, the Iceton, Petra and Mamey they are also available in a range of sizes, from small bedding plant types to large feature 'character' multistemmed versions. For more information on how to use plants in your office please get in touch.