The 5 best big leafed plants for the office

The 5 best big leafed plants for the office

Big leafed plants are becoming ever more popular in the office setting. With the bold pops of green that their leaves bring, they provide some real impact in any space.

Greenery is important in any space, and studies have shown that plants help to improve mood and help mental health. Bringing planting into an office space can have a great return on investment - to calculate your potential ROI on office plants, click here to view our calculator. So, we know that big leafed plants can help in an office space, but which ones are best? We've put the best ones below, and rated them so you can choose the best ones for yourself!  

Fiddle Fig (Ficus Lyrata)


Best big leafed plants - Ficus Lyrata The Fiddle Fig has enjoyed a resurgence over the last few years, being a staple of many an interior designer's Instagram feed. Its large unique leaves create a lovely pop of green, and it creates a real boost to any interior. In the office, it looks great whether in a small pot or as a large branched tree, bringing this trend right into the workspace. It's a hardy plant too, and will survive well in most spaces.

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

Best big leafed plants - Ficus Elastica The Rubber Plant also has grown in popularity in the last few years, and is a great hardly plant to have around. It can tolerate lower light levels than other plants of similar size, so is great as a statement plant in a room with lower light levels. Many people think that the Rubber Plant is the main source of ingredients for making materials such as latex, but actually it wasn't used much at all. The main natural source of rubber is the Hevea Brasiliensis, especially since the invention of synthetic rubbers. On another note: This Plant is one to watch if you have cats or dogs around, as the sap can cause gastronomical issues.

Banana (Musa)

Best big leafed plants - Banana Plant The Banana tree is probably the plant that people think of when you talk about the big-leafed plants, and with good reason. The easily recognizable large leaves can create a beautiful tropical vibe in any interior. However, they are not that easy to care for and require at least 12 hours of bright light per day to keep them in peak condition. Some people think that the splits in the leaves mean that plant isn't happy, but actually, the leaves are designed to split, so never prune off anything that isn't green.

Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa)

Best big leafed plants - Monstera This is another one that we can probably all remember adorning our houses as we grew up. The Cheese Plant is hardy and easy to grow in most environments, meaning that it's an extremely popular plant in interior schemes. Smaller versions such as the monkey mask plant will also bring a similar vibe, adding interest and vibrancy, but taking up less space.

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)

Best big leafed plants - Strelitzia Often confused with the Banana Plant but a lot easier to look after, the Strelitzia brings a similar look to a space. A close cousin of the Banana, the large leaves bring a brilliant tropical vibe to any environment and are a great addition to any planting scheme. Beware though, as these can also be toxic to animals.   If you're in the market for any big leafed plants for your office, give us a shout, we can help specify, deliver, and maintain plants of all shapes and sizes, helping to take your office environment from mundane to spectacular! And if you're a fan of big-leafed plants (and any other plant in general) Make sure you follow our LinkedIn page for more inspiration!