3 great planting styles for attracting top talent

3 great planting styles for attracting top talent

In a world where top talent is becoming scarce, and employee's loyalty is becoming lower, companies are focusing on attracting top talent in order to continue the path to success. With this in mind, businesses are investing more money into improving their office environment.

In the world of office design, planting is having a real comeback, and top companies realise this. One thing that sometimes is a struggle is finding the best plants for a space. What's needed is plants that are impactful, reminiscent of the wild, but also can reconfigure to suit an agile working space's best needs.

Tall Trees

For instant impact, there's nothing better than large trees. Trees give a sense of wealth and prosperity to potential employees and customers, attracting them to the space, and therefore the business. They are also easy to install - there's no messy fixing to be done, just a tree in a pot and you're away!

Hanging/Trailing Planting

In the wild, you have plants growing from trees and rocks, and one way to mimic this is to use hanging and trailing foliage. This can be in the form of some hanging pots, high troughs, or even a full green ceiling! Having planting coming down from height invokes feelings of forests, bringing back relaxing memories of woodland walks and breaking up the bland ceiling. This form of planting is especially engaging to potential employees, helping businesses to attract the best employees.

Attracting top talent - hanging planting over desking

Movable Planting

Companies concerned about attracting top talent need to have agile working spaces, and this means the planting has to fit in with this concept. Moveable living walls are just one option of this. They give a fantastic balance between a movable room divider and a fantastic plant display. Employees can wheel these around to suit their working modes and events in the space. This freedom and flexibility is something that really helps entice good talent to your business.

For any help with any of these plants, or any office plants in general, get in touch!