5 Reasons Why You May Be Killing Your Indoor Plants

5 Reasons Why You May Be Killing Your Indoor Plants Many plants owners believe the gift of a green thumb is something you are born with. We'd hate to burst their bubble, but actually common varieties of houseplants can be easy to care for it some basic rule are followed.  It all comes down to knowing the variety and what conditions it likes.  Simple really... We're helping you by telling you the 5 reasons why your plants might be dying off. Watering A majority of people will water their plants when they remember to. Depending on your lighting, humidity level, temperature and time of year there is a certain watering level you should stick to - to find this out, it is best to do you research on the type of plant you have!  However, if in doubt, leave it out - more people kill plants through overwatering than do from letting them dry out. Humidity Water that is applied to the surface of your soil is only helping strengthen the roots and stems. However, you may want to spritz the leaves of your plant every day if their habitat is especially humid.  Orchids are a variety of plant that enjoy this.  It also helps reduce the risk of some pests. Drainage This obviously depends on the planter you're using.  If you have a flow pot with holes in the bottom you will need another form of drainage material e.g. rocks - this allows the water to settle there so it doesn't rot the roots.  At Plant Plan we use an integral drainage and irrigation system to make sure your plants are both healthy and the pots look great. Windows For plants to survive in filtered light, the switched-off light will need to be bright enough for you to be able to read a book by for it to survive.  Again, know your plant - some love lots of light, other varieties will get bleached and die off in the sun. Moving When rearranging furniture, bear in mind that plants like to remain in the spot you have given them. Moving your plants might shock them, so find the light they require and allow them to bask in it!