5 Office Plants That Don't Need Sunlight

5 Office Plants That Don't Need Sunlight Keeping your office plants alive and thriving can be extremely frustrating when you have limited light available. While all plants do need sunlight to live, those of you who don't see a lot of natural light in your office can decorate your environment with plants still. All you need to do when shopping is to look towards the plant's natural conditions. Succulents, cacti and other desert plants are best suited to sunny spots while anything that naturally grows on the forest floor, under a canopy, or thrives in the shade is a perfect for areas with low light. Below, we've shared some plants that are perfect for low light conditions:
  1. Snake plant - Perfect for brightening up dark corners, this sculptured plant adds a bit of green to any indoor environment and it seems to thrive on neglect.
  2. Spider plant - Spider plants self-propagate by sending out offshoots, and do well when their roots are crowded. They can survive in low light conditions easily.
  3. ZZ plant - This plant is able to live with low light and water neglect also.
  4. Lucky bamboo - Bamboo is an adaptable plant and will do well in dim rooms and is rather inexpensive!
  5. Peace lily - The peace lily is known to be a brilliant plant for improving the quality of the indoor air. It is also one of the few low-light friendly options that blooms.