5 planting ideas for your office

5 planting ideas for your office There are many ways to furnish your office with greenery, here are a few examples:
  1. Living Wall - A living wall has massive visual impact straight away – it’s a hedge indoors! Living walls are fantastic for companies that don’t want plants on the floor, but need some greenery to improve the office.
  2. Built-in planters - Built in planters are fantastic for livening up a low wall. The wall becomes a planter and the plants seem to flow effortlessly out the top, eliminating the need for pots on the wall and helping keep the office looking neat.
  3. Pots - If you want something with more statement, or cannot use built in planters (on top of cabinets etc) then pots can be used to a similar effect. They also stop people putting things on top of the units, keeping the office tidier.
  4. Screens - Plants are also excellent screens – some large pots with some well grown out plants can act as excellent visual barriers, to help divide working spaces to lessen distractions and improve concentration.
  5. Living pictures - Living works of art, these living pictures are mini living walls, but can be hung anywhere. Completely self-sufficient, they require no plumbing, making them as versatile as any normal painting.