The Ficus Lyrata - 3 popular questions

The Ficus Lyrata - 3 popular questions The Ficus Lyrata: probably the most recognisable plant of recent years, this large-leafed beauty has come flying back into the trends, becoming an instant favorite amongst designers. This plant is native to western Africa, where it can grow up to 15m tall!
Why is the Ficus Lyrata so loved in the design world?
The Lyrata (or Fiddle Fig) has leaped in popularity when designers started using it in photoshoots on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram.  It's large leaves really help it create a statement, but it doesn't overpower everything. As one designer puts it, “you can plop it in a dead corner and suddenly everything comes to life”. It has gained the nickname 'Fiddle Fig' because it's leaves have the shape of a, well, a fiddle (Obviously).
How can I care for it?
The Ficus Lyrata can be a little finickity about its care, needing even lighting, and moist soil (it's doesn't like too much water or dry soil). But, if you leave the plant care in your office to the professionals, you won't have to worry anyway!
How long will it last?
When kept happy, Fiddle Fig trees will last for years. If it is really happy they may outgrow the house! This is a good sign, and if the climate allows, you may want to consider finding an outdoor home for it to help it grace your garden instead! The Ficus Lyrata (Left) Ficus Lyrata Need a hand with any Lyratas for your offices? Give us a shout.