How plants improve performance - 3 great points

How plants improve performance - 3 great points Whatever aspect of business you engage in, everyone is looking to improve. Here we outline 3 ways how plants improve performance in businesses.


First impressions count. Particularly in the retail and hospitality areas, owners have noticed a greater increase in the number of foot traffic to their businesses when plants have been placed outside. This can be by simply changing and refreshing existing plants that may be there, or installing a full range of plants and flowers to provide a refreshing urban jungle that captures and draws attention, and keeps customers coming back. “So what use is this for the ‘conventional’ business?” You say. “Surely some bright planters outside my premises won’t draw customers, because they’re not walking around below looking for us.” No, and you’re absolutely right. However, more than likely you have a reception, or a boardroom you would bring visitors. And that’s where the first impressions count for you. A simple bouquet of fresh flowers or a small planter on a desk or cabinet can help relax and invite a prospective client or supplier, and make for an easier meeting for both of you. [caption id="attachment_3249" align="alignnone" width="594"]How Plants improve performance - trees in a restaurant Adare Manor - Feature trees and high level planting[/caption] For more about offices, read on…


There’s a million and one different ways to improve your employee engagement, and most of them are difficult. They involve changing your strategy, or culture. While these are extremely important, one of the simplest and quickest ways to start you off and keep you going on your engagement journey is by introducing planting. In a test completed reviewing the 12 symptoms of ‘sick building syndrome’ (which relates to poor indoor air quality), there was a 23% lower complaint rate during the period when the participants had plants in their offices. This shows the immediate benefits of how plants improve performance: employees are more motivated and enthused, helping you then implement strategies easier and more quickly and grow your business into the winning team. Employee productivity increases up to 15% when plants have been installed in an office! See our article on how plants can help attract talent. For more on increasing productivity, check out this article. Customer service is proven to increase when plants and flowers are installed, the team will pass on their motivation, and this means customers will return, time after time. And it doesn’t work just for offices. In tests completed in retail environments, customers rate the quality of the products 30% higher when plants are installed in the shops. This could be the answer to increasing your customer loyalty and winning customers from the competition. And now for the most important one of all...


This is what it’s all about, what matters the most. Customers perceive a higher quality of service in the retail shops that have plants in, and therefore are willing to pay 12% more for the goods! Restaurants and hotels that have plants installed prove greater customer retention, as they provide a more relaxing and pleasurable experience. And businesses? With a greater staff motivation, less time off sick, and greater customer service, what can happen except grow? With impressed customers that keep coming back and spreading the word about you, you’ll see how something as simple as a few plants will give your business that needed boost. So, after all that, what does this show us? It shows us how plants will pay for themselves over and over and provide great returns for your business, whatever segment of the market you’re in.  

Invite potential

Improve engagement

Increase sales

There we have 3 points on how plants improve performance. For any more information or questions, please get in touch with us.