3 great benefits of replica living walls.

3 great benefits of replica living walls. We all love a good living wall, but unfortunately, a live wall isn't always possible to install. Live walls have a lot of benefits, but they do lack versatility and can be very expensive. Replica living walls are rising in popularity due to their ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and the fact they require no ongoing maintenance.
Ease of Installation
Replica living walls require no watering system and can be screwed directly to the wall. This means that they are easily demountable and relocatable, which is great for the changing workspaces of today. As they do not have a structured system behind them, it means that any shapes or patterns can be achieved, and signage is easy to fix on top. Panels of foliage can easily be fixed into any area, as large or as small as is needed. [caption id="attachment_17061" align="alignnone" width="300"]Plant Plan Replica Green Wall panels Plant Plan replica living wall panels installed into pre-formed openings in a wall.[/caption]
Because of the ease of installation, replica living walls can be a much cheaper option. Installation is a lot quicker too. Often instead of a day (or longer), it can take just a couple of hours to install! There is no planting system or water feed or drain needed, meaning it's a lot less hassle for everyone involved. [caption id="attachment_17063" align="alignnone" width="300"]Replica living walls can have signage added very easily. Plant Plan replica living wall with neon signage.[/caption]
No ongoing maintenance
Probably a pretty obvious statement, but it does make a difference. The wall will look good as long as it is needed to as there is no chance of any of the plants dying! The wall can be placed in any environment as it doesn't need any light to survive. This makes it an ideal solution for restaurants or dark offices. [caption id="attachment_17064" align="alignnone" width="300"]Plant Plan exterior replica living wall Plant Plan exterior replica living wall[/caption] The great thing about replica living walls is they still are a massive part of biophilic design, providing a very visual pop of greenery to any environment, having a great impact on your team, and boosting workplace wellness.