2018 Planting Trends

2018 Planting Trends There are three key trends looking to be front runners in the 2018 planting industry.  We've put together a summary of them here. Romantic. This outdoor planting trend takes it's inspiration from turning a garden into a luxurious, beautiful outdoor extension of your living space.  Themes include borders full of flowers and colourful planting, flowing outlines, and soft, comfy, lavishly decorated furniture and materials.  Perhaps the key distinction with this trend is the use of bold, bright colours and striking colour contrasts to make a real impact. Mix & Match. Characterised by playful combinations of styles, this trend for 2018 takes differently planted sections of borders, overlapping plant layouts, and artistically arranged planting that looks haphazard to create flexible layouts, random patterns, and a slightly 'looking glass' feel.  A key to achieving this look is using a wide range of plants, going wild with contrasting shapes and colours, and using unexpected materials and plants to create surprising elements. Punk. This new trend is all about creating the impression of nature bursting out of rough patches of soil.  What looks like designed borders are unexpectedly interrupted by different materials and plants to create a suggestion of an uncultivated garden, or a garden that has been left to return to nature.  Fanciful outlines and patterns contrast cleverly with industrial type materials and features. Want to find out more?  Get in touch - either email us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 279 3120.