Hospitality Interiors

Hotels, bars and restaurants have long understood the value of indoor and exterior planting for creating welcoming interiors that soothe the senses. Plants can soften harsh lines, provide intimacy or create architectural drama. From green walls to roof gardens, clever planting schemes can enhance any space and form an intriguing part of a venue’s brand identity.
Our planted designs for hotels and restaurants to blend the vibrant outside world into interior spaces to deliver a truly unique hospitality experience.

Plant Plan works closely with many successful hospitality businesses, from upscale hotels to award-winning restaurants and trendy bars. Our clients include famous names such as Luton Hoo Hotel, Lancaster Gate Hotel, the Adare Hotel in Ireland, Morley Hayes Hotel, and the London Edition Hotel.

Our expertise enables these prestige destinations to create inspiring spaces their patrons love to spend time in, and return to again and again.

The modern dining experience is a multi-sensory feast that goes far beyond the food on the plate. As soon as patrons enter a stylish restaurant, they experience sights, sounds and atmosphere that can transform a meal into a truly memorable experience. Just as you might polish cutlery or light candles, incorporating plants into a restaurant space lends finesse and quality to the overall look and feel. The versatility of wall and ceiling planting makes it particularly suitable for creating statement installations in venues where space and functionality are of paramount importance.

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