Green Ceilings

Maximise your workspace, in style and substance, with a beautiful green ceiling to transform your space and create a design feature that’ll make staff and customers say ‘wow’!

Replica Green Walls

Built from scratch to your requirements and needs, our green ceiling features are made from high quality replica foliage and flowers to match your spaces unique design and feel.

Green Ceilings

Can’t have plastics?  No problem, our green ceilings can be created using preserved foliage!  This clever technique uses real plant leaves and frond that have been preserved.

Green Ceilings

Green ceilings are an easy, cost-effective way to bring large amounts of greenery into your workspace.

Our experienced design team will work with you to find the best possible solution, and we use a variety of different frames and fixings depending on the situation and the type of feature required.

So whether it's covering a whole restaurant ceiling with foliage or bringing an amazing ceiling planting feature into an office reception we have the ideas, the skills, and the wherewithal to make it happen.

We take enormous pride in our products, and their ability to turn the mundane into the amazing! From our design team to our fitters we work hard to ensure that your vision is realised and that the end result is truly awesome.

Awareness of the environment, wellness, and the positive impact of biophilic design is driving a massive increase in the use of planting within offices, restaurants, and hotels.

However, in locations where floorspace is at a premium, such as in a busy restaurant, traditional floor-standing planting can prove an issue, especially in spaces where planting is a major part of the look and feel.

This paves the way for green ceilings.  By hanging planting from the ceiling where it is very much present without being in the way we can bring a massive biophilic positive impact while just using space that would have been left empty!

We have access to a huge range of both interior and exterior grade replica foliage and flowers.  Using plants that are themed according to the look and feel of your space allows a harmonious approach to interior design with planting.

So whether it’s lush green ferns, vibrant autumnal foliage, summer flowers, or a tropical rainforest vibe we can help.  Our designers work with you to scope out the project and come up with ideas and designs that’ll maximise the end result.

Green Ceilings 4
Green Ceilings 2
Green Ceilings 3
Faux Plant Ceilings

For businesses who are looking for less upkeep, but the same impact as live green walls, replica green walls are the perfect solution.

A great option for outdoor spaces, replica green walls are a lot easier to maintain than live plants. They offer the same aesthetic benefits as real plants, just with less of the hassle associated with the upkeep of real foliage.

At Plant Plan, we have created a variety of replica green walls for our clients, working closely with them to offer a faux plant solution that will work for the needs of their business. Our replica plants mimic the colours, textures, and growth patterns of real plants, providing striking, realistic installations with all the wow factor and much less commitment.

Our horticultural experts will visit the site to install your faux green wall, and if placed outside, this will be treated with a UV stabiliser to ensure durability against the elements.

Green Ceilings

For commercial settings, a green ceiling makes the ultimate statement.

A particular favourite for restaurant and hotel spaces, a green ceiling brings greenery and interest to any space, allowing you to match the foliage that best fits with the aesthetic of your venue.

Suspended overhead using a flexible trellis system and replica plants, green ceilings give the feeling of being enveloped in nature, and are hugely popular with commercial clients wanting to give their customers a unique experience.

At Plant Plan, we work with our clients to help them select the appropriate plant types for their space, ensuring an unforgettable impression is made from the minute they walk in.

Both living and replica green walls and green ceilings offer fantastic versatility in terms of colour, pattern, shape, and even scent. Plant Plan offers a complete design service including practical and aesthetic guidance to help clients choose a planting scheme that will not only thrive in their location, but also achieve their preferred look and feel.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep living walls looking their best. Our comprehensive aftercare service covers all of the UK and Ireland, and includes watering, nutrition, pruning, feeding and removal/replacement of any failed plants.

Love green walls but not sure where to start? A member of our experienced team would be delighted to visit your premises, look at some potential locations and advise on the best system for your requirements. We are always delighted to get involved early on in a construction or renovation project, and can work off plans and drawings if required.

For more information contact a member of our team, and we will help deliver your project