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10 Reasons To Hire Plants For Offices

Are you looking to rent or hire plants for offices?  In this world of lengthy articles, wordy thought-leaders, and heavy-duty ‘reads’ it’s sometimes a challenge to find the data you’re looking for…  Not so with this list, it gives you all the reasons to get plants for your office in one simple hit!

  1. Office plants will boost your teams productivity, meaning you get more work done for the same money.  Stats from studies say plants will lift it by 8%!
  2. Studies have also shown that plants will make your team happier and better motivated.
  3. Sick leave costs UK business £millions a year.  Office plants have been proved to decrease sick days taken, saving money and disruption.
  4. Modern offices can be pretty nasty places, full of toxins and VOC’s.  Plants help remove these and purify the air and reduce instances of Sick Building Syndrome.
  5. Every company needs ideas, but did you know that plants have been shown to improve creativity in teams by a huge 45%?
  6. In a global study of office staff, plants were the 2nd most desired element within their office, only pipped to first place by natural light!
  7. Office plants look fantastic, and using a company who specialise in using plants in office design will ensure you get the best advice and choice of plants and planters for your space.  Here at Plant Plan we have access to hundreds of different plants and planters to give our customers the best possible choice.
  8. Introducing plants for offices helps create a biophilic space that will help staff work better, perform higher, and stay with the company longer.
  9. Hiring your office plants should include maintenance as standard – this removes all the hassle for you and keeps them looking great.
  10. Everybody likes a change, and by renting your office plants you can keep the scheme fresh and make changes whenever you like.
If you’ve any other questions then let us know, we’re always available to help – we can be called on 0800 279 3120, or email us at
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